FRDM Gloves

FRDM Gloves approached me to help spread the word about their brand on Instagram. I was pleased to work with them as they make high quality and incredibly functional outdoor gloves, perfect for photographers and perfect for the cold and wet Pacific Northwest.

They had seen some of my more moody images on my social media, and thought that I would be the right person to show the gloves in action. I decided to go that route exactly, and I created an authentic moody image of the gloves being used on a day hike that my friend and I went on.

It was a great experience shooting the product, because we actually used it all day to our own enjoyment anyways. The gloves definitely kept my fingers warm on that cold day. Because my audience loves this sort of a mood, the ad was taken really well. I appreciate that a good ad can come in all circumstances, whether bright and sunny or dark and pouring rain, it just depends on the story you are trying to tell.

Part of the fun of being an adventure and lifestyle photographer is that I don't always have to take boring product shots, I get to integrate the product into what I'm already doing, and the images that come from it have more meaning.