Kura Nutrition -

I was contacted by Kura Nutrition to create a social post featuring their blender bottle and protein powder. They're a New Zealand based brand that makes high-quality, grass-fed dairy as well as vegan protein powder.

  • This job was exciting to me because the product was unlike anything I've worked with before, and it was also a more feminine brand which challenged me to shoot in a style that would match their audience, but also suit my own audience.
  • I decided to post a 3-photo set, instead of the expected single photo because I felt that a photo set could help establish the product better within the context of the designed "day events" that I described in the Instagram ad.
  • A lot of effort went into processing the images to ensure they had a genuine aesthetic, while maintaining the pop of a more commercial style image.
  • The colors/palette were picked very purposefully to best deliver how I envisioned the brand's style merging with my own style.