This little device is pretty sweet. Meet the Omni 20.

It was great to shoot for Omnicharge. They make some amazing products, one of them being a brilliant little portable smart charger. I was happy to be apart of a large campaign of photographers to help raise brand awareness for their new product, the Omni 20. The brand wanted the product photos to showcase how useful the device is for staying charged while out on adventures, travels, and day trips.

I really wanted to convey a classic mood for the image, and I ended up shooting the photo next to a calm lake scene with beautiful sand, reflections in the water, shifting clouds and fog, and some lingering snow on the mountain backdrop. The colors were picked to showcase a vintage aesthetic, and the edit is straightforward, fairly timeless, and gentle to look at in a way that a lot of the other photos done in the campaign didn't seem to accomplish to me.

The photo makes me feel as if I had just turned a page in a picture book and saw a character very naturally apart of the context and scenery. It has an almost illustration like feel to it and shows the product exactly how it could be used.