Pandora reached out to me to be apart of their Holiday 2018 campaign. They were looking for 2 Instagram posts, 1 Instagram story, and one extra image for brand use. After hearing from them, I almost immediately decided to create the first set of images at a cozy forested cabin after a couple hours of location research. The shoot day ended up providing amazing directional light, and all of the pieces came together for some really clean commercial images. I ended up deciding one the following 2 selects as I thought they illustrated the campaign and my vision perfectly. I can’t help but feel cozy and warm looking at these images, and I feel like the idea of listening to your favorite playlist while having a weekend getaway at this cabin is such a great relaxing event, and something that would advertise very well.

For the second set of images, we headed to the city for some urban themed shots. There were a lot of great shots from the afternoon, but I ended up using this shot as my number one select from the day. I was able to align the model directly between two series of street lights on a pedestrian overpass, waiting until they both lights turned red (red just looked better than green or yellow to me in this particular situation). As mentioned, we were on a small walking bridge above one of the main streets in downtown, so the background just faded into a creamy urban backdrop with a mix of classic buildings providing perspective, and colorful street light bokeh that I aligned right behind the headphones, to snap the viewers eye right where I intended. This was such a fun image for me, especially because I have almost never shot any urban images.

That being said, I’m already excited for another opportunity to shoot in the city.