Thomas Earnshaw (Shoot II)

Thomas Earnshaw reached out to me a few months after my first job with them, and asked if I could once again help them promote their amazing watches… I didn’t hesitate to say yes!

This job took place in November in Washington, which is not the greatest time for peak Fall color around here. Also, November generally isn’t late enough in the year to offer snow either, it’s a bit of an awkward in-between time. Knowing that limitation, I wanted to pursue a classic and non-intimidating activity for the shoot, such as spending the day at the lake, chopping firewood, and enjoying the outdoors.

The weather cooperated for the shoot, offering a bit of moody overcast skies, and also some filtered sunlight through some hazy clouds. This was great, since the lighting seemed to match the mood I was going for. Now, you might be wondering how I “shot’ these images, if I’m the one in them. The answer to that is that some images were set up using a tripod, and others were achieved by getting a friend to hold the camera exactly in the compositions that I wanted. It proved quite difficult to instruct people to shoot with my exact intended framing, but we didn’t give up. When it became necessary to redo shots 50 times, we just kept going until we were happy. With some patience and a lot of retries, we eventually lined things up how I wanted and nailed each shot mostly how I intended. A big takeaway from this job was that realized that I could direct photos even when I’m not right behind the camera. I think that is actually fairly important because if you can do that, then it makes actually being behind the camera seem easy in comparison. It’s an exercise in being patient and communicating an idea as many times as needed, making the thoughts floating in your head come to fruition. Even if an image takes dozens of tries, it’s always worth it.