I was excited to work with a beverage brand like Zevia. I had seen their products in stores all over the place, so I was familiar with them and excited for working together to help spread the word about their sugar-free and all natural beverages.

I opted to create a bold look for the ad, while maintaining a down-to-earth environment. I decided to shoot the image in a camp scene with subtle colors and even/soft light. I wanted a cozy environment with a splash of vivid action, so I elected to shoot the product "in action" with the can opening and the foam cascading out in tiny droplets. I made sure to organize the scene so that there would be high contrast and defnition in the foam so the message was clear.

A lot of care was also taken with the color choices, grading, and general positioning of the product within the scene. I used natural light coming from a gap in the trees to illuminate the label/logo in a really pleasing way. I was really pleased at just how much the label of the soda can really pops in the final image.